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Damp Proofing Windlesham Surrey (GU20): Having issues with damp in your house in Windlesham should cause you quite a bit of anxiety, since together with the fact that damp looks unsightly, it can also have structural and health implications as well. Flaking paintwork, peeling wallpaper and patches of damp can hide much more serious problems, which could cost a lot of money to repair if they aren't fairly quickly resolved. If you've got a problem like this there's not much that you can do yourself, and the best option is to get in touch with an established Windlesham damp proofing specialist to carry out a thorough inspection and suggest solutions.

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In Windlesham properties, there are basically 3 key problem areas of how damp can affect your home:

Damp Proofing Windlesham Surrey (GU20)


  • Penetrating Damp

  • Condensation

  • Rising Damp


To discover what the probable causes of such damp problems are, and how you can fix them, continue reading...


Penetrating damp in structures can be the result of various external factors for instance: blocked cavities, broken roof tiles, unsound brickwork and damaged guttering or downpipes. Inside, it can be created by damaged shower trays, leaking or burst pipework and overflowing basins or bathtubs. If left uncontrolled, dark, damp patches on walls, peeling or bubbling paintwork and blistered or broken plaster, will be the noticeable signs of water seeping into the woodwork and walls.

If you've got a leaky roof that has been neglected for a while, your roofing timbers can be affected by wet rot. Although brickwork is not impacted by wet rot, your roofing timbers can suffer severe consequences, and the whole roof may need to be replaced if it becomes structurally unsound. An unfamiliar musty odour, a "spongy" feel to your roof timbers and indications of black fungus growth, could all signify the existence of wet rot. It is essential to act quickly to prevent further structural damage and the potential need for expensive roof replacement, should you notice any signs of wet rot.

Preventative maintenance can be fairly basic, such as cleaning and checking your guttering & roof for leaks, repointing brickwork and examining pipework for leaks. If you get hold of a certified damp proofing service in Windlesham, they'll check all of these things, and put a strategy together for both dealing with your damp problems and preventing further episodes.


Condensation Damp Windlesham UK (01276)

There are lots of factors that can cause dampness in the home, but condensation is one of the most common and easiest to spot. Small water droplets appear on cooler surfaces when they make contact with moist, warm air. Inadequate ventilation in areas with a high level of humidity, such as in kitchens, bathrooms and boiler rooms, is the most common reason for condensation.

Easy solutions to reduce condensation involve wiping up any droplets whenever they form and making certain that you've got adequate ventilation in the trouble spots. You can reduce the amount of humid and moist air which is present in your home by fitting or updating cooker hoods, extractor fans and air bricks.

A damp proofing survey by a trusted Windlesham company may also find things which exacerbate the situation by drawing in moist air from outside. Circulation and airflow has to be properly regulated to successfully control condensation, and a knowledgeable damp proofing specialist will be able to offer advice and solutions on this topic.

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A damp proof course has been fitted as standard on houses constructed in the United Kingdom since 1875. You might not have a damp course on your property or home in Windlesham if it was built prior to this period. It's a possibility that your damp proof course or membrane could have been damaged in some way if you are suffering with rising damp issues in a property built after this year.

It can be rather difficult to distinguish rising damp, but some giveaway signs are; a white powdery deposit appearing on walls or being found on floor surfaces, "tide marks" on walls and crumbling or rotten skirtings. If you see or think you might have any of these, it is possible that you have a problem with rising damp.

Rising Damp Windlesham Surrey

Simply checking your home's outside walls to find out if you've got a damp proof course can be one step towards solving your problems with rising damp. For satisfactory protection it ought to be 150mm (around six inches) above ground level. You could dig away the surrounding soil to create this space if it is currently not sufficient, or you can put in a higher damp proof membrane if the former isn't possible.

You might have more challenging issues if you discover that your damp proof course is OK, and it may be that the damp is rising up from the ground, up through your flooring, and into your home's walls, which can be even more of a concern.

Windlesham damp proofing technicians will quickly be able to figure out the explanation for your rising damp, and employing a number of different techniques will quickly resolve the problem. If you've got an older house with no damp proof course or one that's damaged over an extensive area, a damp proof cream (such as Permaguard or Dryzone) can be carefully injected into your wall. This entails the drilling of holes at evenly spaced intervals along the brickwork and the cream injected with a special nozzle to fill up the spaces behind the brickwork down to beneath ground level.

If the damp proof cream treatment isn't appropriate, or the damage is too extensive to your membrane, a brand new damp proof course may need to be installed. Though this is naturally a fairly extreme plan of action, it might be the only way to resolve your rising damp in an effective way.

Damp Proofers Windlesham (GU20)

For smaller areas of membrane damage, yet another potential option could be to coat with a bitumen based, waterproof latex emulsion. Wooden flooring, carpeting or tiles will need to be lifted before any work is undertaken, because it is applied under your current floor coverings. In cellars this is an especially efficacious solution, and will form a part of the "tanking" process that's used to make spaces watertight. Your Windlesham damp proofing expert may suggest the application of building paper (a foil backed specialist membrane) before the bitumen coating has dried completely, further protection in those problem areas.

Tanking: The process of coating exposed surfaces with a waterproof paint in a below ground area such as a cellar or basement is known as "tanking". This has to be applied on the base surface of walls and floors, therefore any plaster and wall covering must be removed and the surfaces correctly prepared before any work begins. You can replaster the walls and decorate over the top, after the paint has dried completely. This is an extremely disruptive process since it must be applied to a whole basement level or ground floor of a building, and it's advisable to get more than one expert's opinion on whether this is the only treatment for your damp problems.


Condensation problems can certainly be improved through the use of dehumidifiers, which are a highly efficacious way to remove moisture from the air. The fact that these products merely cover up the cause of the damp and don't cure it, is the disadvantage with the use of dehumidifiers. If you are suffering with damp in any area of your property in Windlesham, you can get in touch with an experienced damp proofing specialist for the best advice.


As with pretty much any project, the most trustworthy recommendations for a professional come from friends and relations. Before signing up to any damp proofing services, you should see if you can get at least 3 or 4 quotations from a variety of Windlesham companies. If you are in any doubt about any particular damp proofing company you could ask to see qualifications and professional membership certificates.

Professional Windlesham damp proofing companies ought to be registered members of either the PCA (Property Care Association) or the Damp Proofing Association (DPA), or have professional qualifications from the Certificated Surveyor of Timber and Dampness (CSTDB) or the Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT).

If your Windlesham damp proofing providers are in fact members of the PCA or DPA they will be suitably qualified and have acquired the appropriate working experience to offer a top notch service for your damp proofing problems. Additionally, it offers a guarantee over any work undertaken by one of their members.

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Damp proofing can be done in Windlesham and also in nearby places like: Burrowhill, Bisley, Horsell, West End, Cheapside, Donkey Town, Lyne, Owlsmoor, Mimbridge, Castle Green, Longcross, together with these postcodes GU20 6DU, GU20 6EW, GU20 6AN, GU20 6NG, GU20 6PF, GU20 6XB, GU20 6EN, GU20 6PD, GU20 6AA, and GU20 6NB. Locally based Windlesham damp proof specialists will most likely have the telephone dialling code 01276 and the postcode GU20. Checking this out can guarantee you access local providers of damp proofing. Windlesham property owners can benefit from these and countless other similar services. To to make enquiries and obtain damp proofing quotations, click the "Quote" banner.

Positive Input Ventilation

For alleviating damp issues within your home in Windlesham, Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) might be the ideal solution. PIV can aid in reducing humidity levels, which can alleviate damp and mould in your home or condensation around your windows. It maintains this by constantly supplying a flow of fresh air. Continuous refresh and replacement of air inside your property has been demonstrated to improve air quality, reduce pollutants and odours, and decrease dust mite allergens, thus improving day-to-day life for asthma and allergy sufferers. Installing PIV systems in a loft and having a reasonably airtight home are important considerations to keep in mind when opting for this solution. Air, just like water, will take the path of least resistance, and any spaces and gaps in doors or windows will let the fresh air out, whilst bringing potentially polluted air in from the outside environment.

Dehumidifier Installation

If you want to keep indoor air quality healthy and comfortable, especially in places with high humidity levels, dehumidifiers are indispensable. The unit's optimal performance and longevity depend on correct installation.

It's important to ensure that the location selected for dehumidifier installation is free from obstructions and has a nearby power source. Adequate air circulation requires placing the unit on a flat surface and keeping it away from furniture and walls.

To prevent water damage or overflow, the drainage system must be set up correctly next. Connecting the dehumidifier to a drain or attaching a hose to the unit may be necessary. The dehumidifier's efficient operation is dependent on regular maintenance, such as replacing the filter and cleaning.

Taking into consideration the dehumidifier's size concerning the room or space it will be installed in is crucial to ensure optimal performance. A dehumidifier that's too small will not effectively remove moisture, while a unit that is too large can lead to excessive dryness and energy waste. The correct selection of a dehumidifier's location and size can have a substantial impact on its performance and benefits. Consulting the maker's instructions or seeking the help of a professional is recommended to ensure a successful and safe dehumidifier installation. Reduced moisture-related issues, improved indoor air quality, and enhanced overall comfort can be achieved in homes or workplaces through proper dehumidifier installation and upkeep.

Black Mould Problems

If you're experiencing signs of black mould in your Windlesham property, you could have an issue with Stachybotrys chartarum. This is an extremely toxic fungus that produces a slime head called conidia. It is known as a leading cause of indoor air pollution and is considered to be a health hazard. If you notice any signs of this kind of mould in your dwelling in Windlesham, you need to get in touch with an established damp proofing company right away, to get the best treatment.

Black Mould Windlesham

The first step in eliminating mould is to clean the affected area with soapy water. You should also use a disinfectant such as bleach, which can kill mould spores. Hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar are also effective disinfectants. However, you should be careful while using bleach, as it can burn and irritate your eyes. Also, make sure there is good ventilation in the space where you're working, to help clear away the fumes.

Black mould is a highly infectious fungus. It can cause life-threatening infections in people with weakened immune systems. Often, it grows in cracks and other areas where the air doesn't circulate properly. Symptoms can include large warts and cauliflower-like lesions on the skin. The area may also be swollen or red. It can even affect the nails. Black mould is generally caused by water leaks, airborne moisture or condensation. (Tags: Black Mold Windlesham, Black Mould Treatment Windlesham, Black Mould Windlesham, Black Mould Solutions Windlesham)

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Right now, the difference between a business in Windlesham gaining prospective customers or seeing them go to a rival, is having favourable online reviews and feedback. Why don't you take the time to thank someone who has done a good job, by leaving them a review of their workmanship and performance. In this manner you can benefit both the company itself and its possible future customers, by telling of your personal knowledge. You should remember how studying reviews helped you when you were searching for someone to do your damp proofing work. Even if a company website appeared to be really professional and convincing, if it was not backed up by good reviews, you would possibly have looked at other possibilities.

Leaving a Review

But, can the customer reviews be relied on when you are actually on a business's own website? Did real clients who were pleased with the service produce these reviews, or were they penned by an over-enthusiastic employee attempting to gain more work?

Rather than trusting these, you should head to Google My Business reviews, where you will get more authentic and frank reviews on businesses in Windlesham. Many millions of folks look at the reviews on this website every day, so as to discover the standing and reputation companies throughout the world. Bing Places for Business is another review area that you could try when posting reviews for local services and companies in Windlesham, and is the big rival to Google My Business, holding 2nd place in the reviews sector. Helping to boost the profile of the company that successfully worked on your damp proofing project, leaving an honest review here can in addition provide a rundown of their reliability and working standards. Leaving testimonials on Facebook and Twitter is equally effective for endorsing a company that has performed well. Heavily relied on for the advertising campaigns of many small companies in Windlesham, such social media giants are extremely influential. Their marketing message can be strengthened by your feedback and you have offered recommendations to neighbours and friends who are trying to find services of a similar nature, this will give them a starting point for their hunt for the ideal company.

Even in these high-tech, modern times, it's still appropriate to send in a hand-drafted letter of thanks, if you're not computer savvy. These can be compiled to form a review portfolio which is useful in face to face meetings with prospective clients, framed for display in company receptions, or scanned and uploaded to the website. Whichever technique you use to provide your review, it is nice to feel that you've helped a small local business get a foothold in the marketplace. (Tags: Windlesham Damp Proofing Company Reviews)

Windlesham Damp Proofing Tasks

Damp Proofing Tasks Windlesham

There is a variety of work that can be conducted by your local Windlesham damp proofing specialist including solving condensation problems, damp surveys, damp proofing brickwork, replacement of defective flashingsdamp proof course, brickwork damp proofing in Windlesham, vapour barrier installation, missing damp proof course installations, damp proof sealing, garage floor damp proofing, damp proofing internal walls, cellar damp proofing Windlesham, domestic damp proofing Windlesham, rising damp prevention, wet rot treatment, rising damp advice Windlesham, defective damp proof course replacement, japanese knotweed control, damp proof paint application, damp proofing services, damp proofing price quotes, cementitious tanking Windlesham, external damp proofing Windlesham, plaster replacement, condensation treatment, damp proof tanking, positive input ventilation (PIV), penetrating damp treatments Windlesham, damp proofing inspections, commercial damp proofing Windlesham, damp proofing old stone walls, black mould prevention in Windlesham, dampcourse installation, leak detection, home damp proofing, damp proofing a garage, and more. These are just a selection of the activities that are accomplished by those doing damp proofing. Windlesham providers will be happy to inform you of their entire range of damp proofing services.


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Also find: Owlsmoor damp proofing, Donkey Town damp proofing, Cheapside damp proofing, Mimbridge damp proofing, Lyne damp proofing, Castle Green damp proofing, Bisley damp proofing, West End damp proofing, Longcross damp proofing, Horsell damp proofing, Burrowhill damp proofing and more. These and other villages and towns are catered for by damp proofing companies and related tradespeople. By understanding the challenges presented by the local weather conditions, these specialists devise custom solutions to protect your property and guarantee its longevity and safety. Problems with dampness can lead to structural damage and health issues, making it vital to address them effectively and promptly. To obtain estimates for damp proofing, local residents can click here.

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