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Damp Proofing Hale Greater Manchester (WA14): It isn't just the fact that problems with damp look unattractive, they can also induce health problems and lead to severe structural damage. If not cured quickly, some of the more serious problems can cost 1000s to repair, and may be hidden away beneath patches of damp and peeling wallpaper. To deliver an extensive damp proofing treatment for your property, it is frequently cheaper in the longer term to contact an experienced Hale damp proofing specialist to check out your property.

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Essentially, when it comes to damp in the home there are three primary problem areas:

Damp Proofing Hale Greater Manchester (WA14)


  • Penetrating Damp

  • Condensation

  • Rising Damp


In paragraphs that follow, we'll take a look at what causes such damp problems, and ways that you can go about fixing them, and preventing them from happening.


There are various external issues that can cause penetrating damp in a building, and these include things like: damaged guttering or drainpipes, broken roof tiles, cavity wall issues and unsound brickwork. Internally, leaking or burst water pipes, overflowing sinks or baths and damaged shower trays, can trigger penetrating damp. Walls and timber components can be affected if left unresolved, and will be visible as peeling or bubbling paintwork, damp, dark patches on walls and broken or blistered plaster.

You can get wet rot in the timbers of your roof, if you've got a leaking roof, and it has been neglected for some time. Even though it's fortunate that wet rot does not affect brickwork, in a worst case scenario, you may need to replace the entire roof if the timbers of your roof become unsound structurally. An unfamiliar musty odour, a "spongy" feel to your roof timbers and indications of black fungus growth, could all herald the presence of wet rot. To avoid further structural harm and the potential need for expensive roof replacement, it is crucial to address any signs of wet rot promptly.

Simple actions like examining water pipes for leaks, repointing unsound brickwork and cleaning and checking your gutters & roof for leaks, can be the basic preventative measures. An experienced Hale damp proof specialist will check these areas in order to help avoid any future complications, as an integral part of resolving your damp issues.


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There are several things that can cause damp in the home, but condensation is among the most common and easiest to spot. When warm, humid air makes contact with a cold surface, water collects as droplets. Where a high level of humidity is present, as in boiler rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, condensation is often caused by poor ventilation.

To lower the impact of this problem there are a couple of simple steps that you can follow. You can mop up any water droplets as soon as they arise, and you can make certain that there's plenty of ventilation in areas that suffer from condensation. The steps needed might call for the installation or updating of air bricks, cooker hoods and extractor fans, with the intention of redirecting moisture laden air to the outside of your home in Hale.

There might be issues with drawing in damp air from the outside, and by carrying out a detailed damp proofing survey a specialist in Hale will find factors that contribute to the problem. The best way to adequately control condensation is to correctly regulate air circulation, and your local Hale damp proofing company will be able to give you guidance and advice on how this can be accomplished.

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Homes built since 1875 in Great Britain have been required to have a damp proof course to be installed as standard. You might not have a damp proof course on your home in Hale if it was constructed earlier than this. If you're experiencing rising damp in a home constructed after this date it might be that your damp proof membrane has been somehow or other.

Rising damp can be tricky to identify, but some areas to keep an eye out for are; rotten or crumbling skirtings, white powdery deposits being discovered on floor surfaces or appearing on walls and "tide marks" on walls. Whilst the existence of one or more of these isn't conclusive, they are all clear indicators of rising damp issues.

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Just checking your property's external walls to see if you've got a damp course can be one step towards managing your problems with rising damp. For adequate protection it ought to be 150 millimetres (approximately 6") above ground level. If this isn't the situation you might be able to dig the ground away to generate this space, or if this isn't possible, you can install a damp course higher up.

If your damp course is in order and the gap from the ground isn't the cause of the problem, moisture might be coming up through your flooring and into your walls, which could be a more serious issue.

Using a number of techniques, damp proofing technicians in Hale can swiftly detect and solve rising damp. A damp proof cream can be carefully injected into your walls if you've got an older property with no damp proof course, or one that is damaged over an extensive area. Evenly spaced holes are drilled at intervals in the brickwork, and a nozzle is used to inject the special cream, which then soaks into the surrounding brickwork before curing to form an effective, horizontal water-repellent barrier.

In instances where damp proofing cream injection isn't a suitable treatment, or when the DPM is too severely damaged, putting in a complete new damp proof course might be neccessary. Unfortunately this is taking repair work to the extreme, but it could be the only resolution to your rising damp.

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Another option for smaller areas of membrane damage could include painting with a bitumen based, waterproof latex emulsion coating. Carpeting, tiles or laminate flooring will have to be lifted before any work can be carried out, as it's applied beneath your current floor coverings. This is particularly efficacious in basement areas as a part of the tanking procedure to make a room that's watertight. Before the bitumen coating has has dried out completely, your Hale damp proof technician might suggest the application of building paper (a specialist foil backed membrane), for further protection.

Tanking: The process of covering exposed surfaces in a watertight paint in a basement or below ground area is called "tanking". Since this coating has to be applied on the base surfaces of floors and walls, any plaster and wall coverings must be taken off before any work can begin, and all surfaces properly prepared. When the coating has been put on and is dry, it's then the time to replaster and decorate on top of it. You should always get more than one expert's opinion on whether this really is the only resolution to your rising damp, since this is a very disruptive process as it needs to be applied to a whole ground floor or basement level of a property.


Problems with condensation can definitely be helped by means of dehumidifiers, which are a highly efficacious way of lowering the moisture content in the air. Due to the fact that dehumidifiers only alleviate the cause of the damp and don't get rid of it, there are issues with this solution. A professional damp proofing company in Hale will be ready to advise on possible solutions if you're suffering from mould or damp in any area of your property.


Friends and relatives should always be the first port of call when you're looking for recommendations and testimonials for local specialists. Always acquire at least two or three different quotes from various companies, and if you've got any doubts you should ask to see qualifications and professional memberships, before hiring any damp proof services.

Look for membership of and qualifications from trade bodies such as the Damp Proofing Association or the Property Care Association (PCA), or contractors holding the Certificated Surveyor of Timber and Dampness or the Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments accreditations.

You can guarantee that your damp proofing provider is well qualified and has acquired the appropriate working experience to perform a high quality damp proofing service, if they have membership of either the DPA or PCA. In addition, it offers a guarantee over any remedial work carried out by one of their membership.

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Damp proofing can be undertaken in Hale and also nearby in: Timperley, Bowdon, Ashley, Davenport Green, Broadheath, Bowgreen, Warburton Green, Thorns Green, Styal, Dunham Massey, as well as in these postcodes WA15 0PG, WA14 2EU, WA14 2YG, WA15 0DN, WA15 5PY, WA15 0PH, WA14 3HB, WA15 0NP, WA14 4WW, and WA15 0LZ. Local Hale damp proofers will most likely have the postcode WA14 and the phone code 0161. Checking this will make certain that you are accessing locally based providers of damp proofing. Hale property owners will be able to benefit from these and numerous other related services. By clicking on the "Quote" banner you can obtain damp proofing quotations from providers nearby.

Dehumidifier Installation

The installation of dehumidifiers is essential to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor air quality, particularly in spaces with high levels of humidity. For the unit to perform optimally and last long, correct installation is of utmost importance.

Picking a suitable location that is obstruction-free and has a power socket nearby is essential before dehumidifier installation. Placing the unit on a flat surface and away from furniture and walls is essential to maintain sufficient air circulation.

To prevent overflow or water damage, the drainage system must be set up properly next. The process may involve connecting the dehumidifier to a drain or attaching a hose to the unit. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing the filter, is also important for the effective operation of the appliance.

Optimal benefits and performance of a dehumidifier can be significantly enhanced by carefully selecting its size and location. It's recommended to refer to the maker's instructions or seek the assistance of a professional to ensure a successful and safe dehumidifier installation. Proper installation and maintenance of a dehumidifier can lead to reduced moisture-related issues, improved indoor air quality, and enhanced overall comfort in homes or workplaces.

Cementitious Tanking Hale

A popular method for preventing moisture penetration in cellars and underground spaces is cementitious tanking. The floors and walls of the space or room are treated with a cement-based waterproofing system in this process. The tanking material has various grades that are suitable for different substratum and can either be pre-manufactured or mixed at the work site.

Cementitious Tanking Hale

Correct application is essential to achieve the maximum effectiveness of cementitious tanking, which can provide a long-lasting and durable barrier against water ingress. Achieving optimal results necessitates ensuring that the surface is free from any contaminants or loose material and is clean and dry before application.

To attain a long-lasting and high-quality outcome, the ideal choice is professional installation by a qualified damp proofing specialist. With correct installation, cementitious tanking can provide an effective and reliable solution for waterproofing basements and cellars in Hale. Prevention of moisture ingress and maintenance of efficiency can be ensured by addressing any damage or wear through frequent system inspection.

Woodworm Treatments

Unfortunately, woodworm is a common issue that can affect buildings of any age. The larvae of certain kinds of beetles feast on the wood, which can lead to considerable damage over the years. Nonetheless, there are a number of steps that you can take to prevent woodworm infestations in the future and take care of any pre-existing problems.

Identifying the type of beetle responsible for a woodworm infestation is the initial step in effectively treating the problem. Depending on the specific species, different treatments may be needed to eradicate the pests and prevent further damage. Seeking the assistance of a seasoned woodworm professional is highly recommended, as they can carry out an extensive assessment of the situation and offer expert advice on the most suitable treatments to tackle the infestation and protect the integrity of the wood.

Insecticides are one of the most effective methods for treating woodworm, which can be applied in liquid or gel form. These treatments deeply penetrate the wood and eliminate the larvae. This method is most effective for small infestations, and a professional will decide whether this is the best option. For more severe infestations, fumigation may be the answer. This involves sealing-off the affected area and releasing a gas into the space to kill off the larvae. Fumigation is a lot more invasive, however it's often the most suitable treatment for larger infestations.

If you are going to prevent woodworm infestations, it's important to keep the environment unfavourable for the growth of the larvae. This can be achieved through regulating humidity levels, good ventilation. Additionally, it's important to avoid using untreated wood, as this is more susceptible to woodworm infestations. Using timber that has been treated with a woodworm repellent can prevent future infestations.

Regular inspections of the building can also help identify any infestations of woodworm early, allowing for prompt treatment to minimise damage. It's also important to address any water damage, since damp wood can attract woodworm.

All in all, woodworm treatment and prevention require a hands-on approach. By identifying and addressing any signs of an infestation early, and taking steps to prevent future infestations, householders can protect their properties and preserve their structural integrity. With the help of an established Hale woodworm specialist and implementing prevention measures, woodworm infestations can be treated and prevented effectively.

Condensation Control Hale

The control of condensation plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and pleasant indoor environment. Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with colder surfaces, leading to the formation of water droplets. Damage to building materials, mould growth, and the deterioration of indoor air quality can be caused by uncontrolled condensation.

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Regulating humidity levels and promoting the circulation of air through adequate ventilation is essential for controlling condensation. By employing double-glazed windows and insulation, it is possible to minimise condensation and reduce temperature differentials. The prevention of potential problems and the creation of a more pleasant living or working environment can be accomplished through effective condensation management.

Additionally, utilising insulation and double-glazed windows can help to reduce condensation by minimising temperature differentials. Insulation prevents cold surfaces and warm, moist air from touching each other by serving as a barrier. Reducing the temperature difference is one way to decrease the likelihood of condensation forming on surfaces like windows, walls and ceilings. Double-glazing is effective at maintaining a consistent inside temperature, which inhibits condensation. It features two panes of glass with an insulating layer between.

To control condensation effectively, one strategy is to tackle moisture sources directly. Moisture is released into the air by activities like showering, drying clothes indoors and cooking. Using exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens and ensuring good ventilation during such activities can prevent excessive humidity buildup. Optimum indoor humidity levels can be maintained in areas susceptible to high moisture content by using dehumidifiers.

Dealing with condensation effectively can help you avoid potential problems and create a more comfortable place to live or work. Controlling the indoor environment safeguards the well-being and health of occupants, in addition to protecting buildings. Frequent maintenance checks, such as checking seals around doors and windows for gaps, can help you identify and address potential condensation problems. As our understanding of indoor air quality and building science advances, new technologies and strategies for condensation control continue to emerge, providing even more effective ways to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. In summary, proper ventilation, moisture source management, insulation, and cutting-edge technologies are all essential to comprehensively control condensation. (88817 - Condensation Control Hale)

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Also find: Bowgreen damp proofing, Bowdon damp proofing, Broadheath damp proofing, Davenport Green damp proofing, Warburton Green damp proofing, Thorns Green damp proofing, Styal damp proofing, Ashley damp proofing, Timperley damp proofing, Dunham Massey damp proofing and more. All these locations are served by firms who do damp proofing. In addition to comprehending the region's climate-related challenges, these local specialists provide tailored solutions to safeguard your home's longevity and safety. Problems with dampness can lead to structural damage and health concerns, making it crucial to address them promptly and effectively. By simply clicking here, local home and business owners can get damp proofing quotes. Today is the ideal time to begin your damp proofing project.

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There is a wide range of work that can be undertaken by your local Hale damp proof specialist including property surveys, concrete damp proofing Hale, garage floor damp proofing, damp proof tanking, dry rot treatment, dampproofing surveys, damp proof paint applications, flood defence, wood rot treatments, timber surveys, floor damp proofing, rendering repairs, cavity wall tie replacement Hale, damp proof cream injections in Hale, domestic damp proofing Hale, PIV (positive input ventilation), treatments for rising damp, concrete repairs, defective damp proof course replacement Hale, japanese knotweed control, commercial tanking, damp proof sealing, damp proofing brickwork, damp control, damp proofing assessments in Hale, the treament of efflorescence, rising damp prevention, damp proofing a basement, condensation solutions, exterior damp proofing Hale, damp treatments, leak detection in Hale, pressure grouting in Hale, cavity wall construction Hale, penetrating damp treatment in Hale, and more. These are just an example of the activities that are performed by those doing damp proofing. Hale contractors will keep you informed about their whole range of services.

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